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The Wealth Formula™

What is the Wealth?
Wealth is the accumulation of resources that provides
comfort, protection & usable assets in the time of need.

But one has to be conscious about the sacrifices one has to make in order to build Wealth.
Accumulating Wealth is not a problem, however what it takes to achieve Wealth is of the utmost importance.

Gain or Lose?
Our own outlook towards the situation

Life has high & low moments which are dependent on your own outlook towards that situation. One needs to have the ability to thoroughly inspect these moments (situations) & evaluate the reasons & results. Similarly, Life also has gains & loses which should be well understood prior to committing to any thoughts or actions. Failure to understand these aggregate facts are seeds to Life Losses. These losses can be mitigated with the maximum understanding so that the maximum Life Gain can be realized.

Why The Wealth Formula?

The Divine has conspicuously created a formula that truly represents Wealth accumulation in today’s world that everyone needs to recognize, understand and implement in their respective lives. It will bring nothing but peace and harmony, helping you to strategizing every move in your life. It will act as a conscious filter, constantly preventing any external brainwashing through any means. It will help you stay on course in life, removing any self-made or external barriers. One needs to constantly recall this methodology and follow it with an open mind and determination for the maximum life momentum.


The Wealth Formula is a tool to measure the balance between time spend to live Life & time spend to acquire Wealth.