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The Karma Formula™


Karma aka Deeds, plays a very important role in your life
Karma (actions) along with Thoughts (from the mind) & Mindset (inner intellect) make three great ways for self control. Karma/Thoughts/Mindset?​

Mindset can be controlled by principles. Thoughts can be controlled by positive vibrations & protection from negativity. And Karma can be controlled by having both thoughts & mindset in-check along with soul input.

The self established principles are not dependent on experiments or studies of science to break them down to understand, but solely dependent on the guidance from The Divine(or our Soul) and our openness to grasp them. Thus you must verify your Thoughts prior to committing to actions (karma).

What is Negativity?​
energy vibrations that are unenergetic to a body/mind/soul

Any energy vibrations that are harmful or unenergetic to a body/mind/soul and does not have proper positive intent is called Negativity or Negative vibrations. Negativity has a lasting impact on all Mindsets, Thoughts and Karmas. Negativity is always impactful unless it is deterred either partially or completely. With special techniques and/or blessings from Spiritual Masters or The Divine one can effectively deter Negativity but you must make a conscious effort to receive assistance.

Why The Karma Formula?

The Karma Formula is an attempt to break down and simplify basic life actions and principles, so that these needful principles and filtration of thoughts can be put into place by anyone so they can make the best use of their life including the expected desired fruits.

Of course, the best way to live life is to always dedicate fruits to The Divine while performing the best of actions that are comforting and nurturing to others as much as possible.


The Karma Formula will provide a divine insight into daily life making you consciously
aware and proactive of your mindset, thoughts, words, and behavior (actions).