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The Journey Formula™

Life is an attempt to fulfill our purpose as we go through our earthly bodily journey. In actuality, it is a journey of our soul through which we fulfill desires and objectives planted by our soul.

Soul desires vs Mind desires?
YES, indeed soul desires are different than mind desires.

Certainly at a conscious level we need to flourish our soul desires while controlling mind desires. Hence we need to always cultivate methods which can help us achieve mind control and mind clarity so that we can focus on fulfilling our respective duties (dharma) while The Divine sends us encoded messages through our soul. Sometimes these messages are not repeated so it is imperative to process them diligently. 

What is Soul Journey?
journey of our soul

In simpler terms, Soul Journey is a journey of our soul which is destined to fulfill set objectives based on past life karmas (deeds) and the will of The Divine. The Divine constantly sends messages to us for fulfilling our part, but due to our power of will granted to us, The Divine lets us make our own choices. Hence, if those set objectives are not fulfilled in this lifetime for any reason, a soul rebirths in another attempt to fulfill those set objectives. Those set objectives are customized by The Divine which can be different from person to person. Therefore, it is always imperative to listen to our soul to find those encoded soul set objectives.

Why The Journey Formula?

Don’t you need a straight answer from someone who cares about your soul and how it travels from birth to birth (gati in sanskrit)? Who could that be other than The Divine himself/herself? Hence, the Journey Formula.

The Divine loves and cares for you unconditionally and it is your duty to understand and seek the truth that the choice is in your hands. If you control the mind and decode soul messages you could not only find your soul purpose, but also seek truth, peace and eternal happiness while making The Divine proud. Making The Divine proud should be the ONLY GOAL of any soul; why else were we sent here?

The Journey Formula provides you a perspective towards life and into which direction you need to go in life.