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The Health Formula™

Even to enjoy gifts or food you need adequate
In the vast ocean of a gold mine the best gift to yourself will always be “Health”.
Hence, to focus on Health is your natural born instinctive dharma (duty).
Perhaps it is the only reason besides protecting your Life that a person should be naively selfish.
Managing time effectively & using it for Health should be the utmost priority

There are many ways, methods and processes shared by thousands of people across the world. Many scientists, doctors and spiritual masters have brought innovative scientific breakthroughs assisting humankind deter disease, provide good health and extend longevity. It is fascinating to reveal the most crucial commodity for good Health besides all these breakthroughs is “Time”.

Having time to spend on your Health is always essential, otherwise there are no shortcuts or scientific discoveries which will replace time. Hence, managing time effectively and using it for Health should be the utmost priority. One needs to continue magnifying the availability of time so that they can make their Soul proud and attempt to fulfill their Soul Purpose with more vigor.

Why The Health Formula?

Health is not only about your Food choices or your daily schedule. Yes, it most certainly starts with those choices but it ends with a broad spectrum of commodities as defined in The Health Formula.

The Health Formula provides essential understanding with which anyone can successfully challenge themselves and attempt to revert Health depending upon their Karmas. Most certainly, a spiritually polished (more awakened, Awakened Worthy Souls™) personalities may receive an upper hand from The Divine.


The Health Formula is a tool with which you can propel towards being Healthier & Happier.