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Our Founder

“I am your Best Friend who is always on your side wishing & performing the best for You!”

From two generations our founder’s (Shri Rudraji’s) family has been involved with social service activities. Since early childhood he has admired humanitarian services and gradually was ASKED BY GOD (The Supreme Divine Energy) to walk the path of helping others. In the year 2011 he made a commitment of dedicating his life towards the well-being of others unconditionally. He is a Life Management Expert guiding you intuitively in all facets of your life. He provides spirituality discourses, mentoring, coaching, counseling transformative ideas with “Enlightened Eyes, Intuitive Wisdom & Divine Guidance“.

He is here to spread the word of Oneness of God, to inspire Oneness among the people of earth, to eradicate differences causing mass inequality, sufferings, and poverty. His objective is for the Humanity to embrace the Dawn Of The Bliss Age™, in which every Human soul has an potential to fulfil life purpose and achieve life satisfaction and be empowered with blissfulness.

He is a Divine Servant of Humanity & sends a message of Universal
family hood, peace, & mutual respect & betterment for humanity.

He believes in simplicity and corresponds to others in a simple humane manner speaking the most basic language that anyone can easily understand. Using his personal life experiences, tools and methods were formulated with intention to unconditionally help others at all levels in order to re-energize, rejuvenate & regain life control. He shares the divine life messages of GOD through Divine Life Transformative Dramas™​.

A Life Management Expert

A Motivational Speaker

A Spiritual Master

A Philanthropist

A Mediator


A Healer

A Coach

His objective is “To spread unconditional love giving emphasis to the universal family-hood and dedication towards universal spiritual awakening to enhance collective consciousness thereby providing the full potential to experience divine love and attain Bliss”. – Shri Rudraji

Shri Rudraji ShivShaktiji ( aka Sevak OM) is,

An Unconditional Divine Representative™

A Planetary Effects Remover™

A Primordial Galactic Healer™

A Limitless Spiritual Awakener™

A Spiritual Energy Enhancer™

A Tune Yourself Creator™

A Spiritual Momentum Giver™

A Fast Life Ways Improver™

A Ommm Yogi™

The Divine Cyclone™

The Karmic Eraser™

The Life Maker™

The Prosperity Maker™

The Wellness Maker™

The Friendship Maker™

A Divine Life Invoker™

A PSI Initiator™

A Destiny Recreator™

His mission is to help humanity world wide as directed
by The Supreme Divine Energy (The Divine).