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How I Help

Whether you see me as a guru, father, or brother figure in your life, my goal is to make a positive impact in YOUR LIFE. I have been chosen by The Supreme Divine Energy (God) to provide Divine guidance to all of those that are ready to receive.

I want to share those life secrets with you as they have been told to me by God. Suffering in this world is unnecessary. I want to give you the opportunity to re-think your life so that you can find your Life’s Purpose, and you can create your own Destiny. I want to help you become more conscious about your life choices and decisions that in turn affect your Life’s Journey. I want to help you awaken your inner-self so that you can understand all perspectives which will help you to make better choices and decisions in your life that are in alignment with your Life’s Purpose.

I deliver all teachings through a special visual presentation (Divine Life Transformative Dramas™) that will help open your awareness to the many unnecessary dramas that occur every day, and how making positive changes in your life can lead to the happiness and contentment that your soul has been longing for.

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