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Encoding Love:

Fill yourself with Divine Love so that only positivity and light is felt for yourself and others.

What is Love?

How to achieve a loved state of being? Why you are being loved?

What it takes to fully enjoy the love and care of others?

We all desire to be loved by others. Sometimes we fail to understand how to love others and when to love others. Encoding Love is the art of bridging the gap of misunderstandings and confusion and gluing the bidirectional bonding leading to a state of harmony, respect, love among two or more people. It is the mechanism with which you can create everlasting, ever-joyful, symbiotic relationships. It is the process of receiving unconditional love into your being so that you can fully engage in loving relationships.

Decoding Relationships:

Why we argue? What to except? How to deescalate? When to say enough?

Decoding Relationships can be challenging at times as it is not easy to understand and digest other people's perspectives in life. We all have many relationship situations sometimes beyond our control. Instead of what is right or what is wrong, we need to understand why is everything happening? Is it for your higher good? While, the answer may vary from people to people the fact remains the same, that we need to understand reasonings, evaluate life and implement steps to make decisions suitable for our happiness, loved ones, involved parties and most certainly our Soul purpose.

Why do some relationships not last?

Shri Rudraji will guide you through the relationship factors that can enhance or sabotage a relationship. Once these factors are identified then you can understand what it takes to maintain a meaningful, loving relationship.

Topics we discuss in our monthly gatherings: