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About Us

Our founder, The Life Maker – Shri Rudraji, is on a mission to create many spiritual organizations along with prosperity, wellness and healing centers throughout the world.

His personal motive is to

“Bring Happiness to others”.

Be it life lessons or life secrets or life transformative concepts, we hear or read about these concepts on a daily basis. Yet simple to understand it can be difficult to fully implement these concepts in life. Over the years we as a human civilization have adapted to visual presentations more rapidly in life. We aid in people’s understanding of life principles, life situations and spirituality through visual presentations, short plays and messages from our founder.

Through “The Life Maker” we dedicate our efforts to uplift people worldwide and participate in their life transformation. Our shows are not theater shows, but rather are life transforming triggers with a Spiritual touch, performed live by real people to deliver messages from The Life Maker himself. We intend to change your thought process and give you a new outlook on life. It is possible to be the best person you can be, allow yourself to make the positive changes in your life that will set you free and be purposeful.

Our Aim

Our Aim is to assist & transform people towards spirituality, oneness of God, & to live a joyous, wealthy, healthy, karmic & meaningful life.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to help humanity world wide as directed by
The Supreme Divine Energy (The Divine).

Life is only once so let’s make it a willful joyous journey…